Cat of the day


sounds like my place right before I serve my cats dinner


You only have 2, dear. Imagine a 6 meow chorus…


Meow…this one never gets old




Fred IS the afterlife.



Some postmodern afterlife that would be…

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. :slight_smile:


Dunno what was funnier, the VDO or my cats’ reactions to the meowing.


That guy looks like Charlie from ‘It’s Always Sunny…’

Is he doing another commercial for Kitten Mittens ™?


Leopard cat + raised since a kitten + probably grew up with a dog


Speaking pet shows. I passed by Nangang Exhibition center yesterday morning and the place was bumpin’ with pet owners waiting or just chillin’. I looked closely and saw that it was a pet exhibtion going on.

I wonder what the exhibition hall’s policy is for pets.


Reminds me of my buddy’s cat. Pretty eggshell-white lady. He lives up on the mountain and it runs around with his three dogs all the time, including an Alsatian. When he comes home it runs out with the dogs to greet him.


I was there Saturday. I’ve been to pet exhibitions at Nangkang for 3 or 4 times now, and this one has got to be the smallest one yet. The exhibition only took up less than half of the exhibition hall…

For pet shows, pretty much any dog or cat is allowed. It isn’t unusual for cat owners to bring there cats in carts or put them atop their shoulders. When I was standing in line though, there was a cat owner who insisted her cat walk on a leash. I have to see her cat did very well under the condition he was subjected to. However, he was still showing obvious signs of stress. His tail was down, his ears weren’t facing forward, and at times he wanted to remain in one spot. His owner just kept pulling the leash to force him to walk next to hundreds of dogs though…


“There’s always that one guy in the sauna…”
sauna cat





Probably wasn’t it. Or it wouldn’t be an “attempt”!


Truth be told, most likely is the cats helped with the cleanup of the murder scene, if you knwo what I mean.