Cat of the day


Maybe one with a swingy fuzzy trigger.


That may work, but it better come with a set of bulletproof vests for the whole family.


Sure, you could mount the guns facing every entrance where an intruder could come in and train the cats to playfully trigger them at appropriate moments.


Have you tried training cats? They’ll probably just hide under the couch.


True. Well, never hurts to have a backup line of defense.


Boxed in - unless get catnip into the mix… :thinking:


Are you saying a vest for every family member offers better protection than a gun for every family member? :ponder:


Yes. Have you tried shooting a cat? And the vests can also protect against scratching.


Well spotted yyy. Guns for the family to shoot the cats if they get too “playful”


You crazy gun advocates are getting out of control…


I don’t see how shooting a cat in the same room as you could be that much harder than shooting a human who’s 32 floors above you, but I admit I haven’t found a peer reviewed double blind study to settle the question. :idunno:

And the vests can also protect against scratching.

We’re talking full body suits?


Kind of like those suits the police wear when they’re training dogs to attack perps…that should do the trick.


Returning to the theme of cat of the day:




Who said cats can’t be trained.


Since millennial hamsters are all the rage in a certain other thread right now, let’s have one more cat from the gun safety book…


Hey @politbureau and other blockchain fanatics! You know what we really need?

A cryptocat of the day thread! :smile:


got mine jumping through hoops



Sweet. Cat in the foreground is thinking, what the eff is with Milktea!