Cat of the day







I’m so over looking at handsome gay men snuggling eachother. Can you spare me?


Wait…did you just assume both of their genders? :sunglasses:


For @Andrew0409 and @_Lilith, which one of these do you prefer?






Ehem, just to point out that this has been debunked, along with toxoplasmosis.

cats, however, do not put up with crap. They are inspirational in that sense. what they do not like, they destroy. sigh*


Are you sure about that? I remember reading somewhere that French people are assholes because cats and toxoplasmosis. Although it may have been in The Onion.


I thought it was Europeans in general and schizophrenia, but not with scientific consensus.


Apparently toxoplasmosis has very subtle cognitive effects, such as an increase in risk-taking behaviour. This would of course explain the invention of the 2CV, priorite a droite, and French driving in general.

I think Icon may be referring to the fact that it’s actually much harder to contract toxoplasmosis than was originally thought.


Is the extreme cold what made you talk like that?


I’m just the messenger, man.


Not from cats. Easier from raw or unhigenically manipulated meat. Culiforms!


You guys were climbing iced trees and wearing seal skin loincloth just when we brought you civilization.


Um no, you guys were amoeba when we were discovering interplanetary travel. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, I’m just the messenger about the theory with no scientific consensus behind it (as I said).


Mmmmmm, are you sure it was not in Breitbart ?


Meh… Martians and other interplanetary bullshit… one day I was climbing some boulder, and all in a sudden I realized that that epic action full of risk, adrenaline and pot wouldn’t ever be understood by extraterrestrial intelligence if they could see us from above. Mutated…