Cat of the day


Only available for highly respected Posters.Sorry Fred.:grinning: Your catatonic Feline is amusing.
Your absence ( disa-purr-ance)was unfurtunate. Fortunately, it was not fur-ever,just a paws?
Forumosa has been very purrgressive, with less hiss-terical posts, other than Religion (Cat-holic,Meowslims.Cr-hiss-tians,or Mewish) Mewsic posts are growing in popularity.
Politics is still catastrophic, a paw ling/ Apologies, help meow-t .



Posted by Jimi P and too good not to share.:laughing:


Not sure if I posted that one before, so here’s something extra:


Panda cat



@pandacat: that’s just bizarre!


Gotta say goodbye to the kitten. Which is easier said than done.

When I found him his body was covered in tar, he had not eaten in days. He lost all of his fur and had a very bad cold for a while. He could hardly stand and wobbled as he threw himself famished over his food bowl.

Now his fur has grown all soft and fluffy. Must be the coconut oil. And his belly is as round and tight as a grape. He purrs loudly all the time and yesterday performed his first mischief: he stole a sponge from the kitchen sink. Left it by the bed.

Gotta let go of the kitten. Must find a new family that can take care of him exclusively. I wonder about his mama cat. What about his siblings? Are they safe too? Sigh.


Damn, you buried the key “find a new family” part there. Until then I was terrified you needed to put him down for some reason.

(Sorry, got two cats, and that’s enough for us - but good luck finding a caring family.)


LOL. Coconut flavoured kitten.

I like ginger cats. I’d have that one but I’ve got too many of them already.






They have both decided that the cable box is their new exclusive sitting spot.
I have no idea what the ginger sleeps with her tongue out. She has been doing that a lot lately.


Very cute. I love it when they wrap their tail around their front paws like that.