Cat of the day



Smart move not sharing the actual selfie – you don’t want to get sued for royalties like that gorilla guy!



That clip needs the You Died graphics at the end


I’ll see what I can do.


That should so the Trick


now that’s a horror movie for cats.


It went for her eyes!
Luckily, she was able to turn around at the last possible moment!


Ha - I love how that can be read in two opposite ways. Murder machine attacking an innocent; or happy furball welcoming beloved human.

I wonder what the story is. Does she have some kind of braid, and perhaps she was using that to lure the cat?


Whopper at 10 kg two years ago

Now he’s at 7 kg and has five times the stamina

30pct of his body fat lost. Wow that’s like me going from 100kg to 70kg

Fat cat diet for two years works.


His Majesty the Lion King (cub)


When walking your cat, do you try to monitor what grass he graces on? or do you trust his instinct to not eat something poisonous? what about herbicide or pesticide worries?

I’m often pretty conflicted about what to do. I want to let my cat do what she wants, but at the same time I see her try to nibble on plants that I read is poisonous for her…


I actively discourage him from eating grass in general but at that one spot I let him chew a little but generally don’t allow him to eat the grass.

I see him pull a blade off I take it from him.

Grass makes him vomit.
Yes pesticides and all that are a huge worry


Summer Days by The Oreo Cat, on Flickr


If they eat too much of it, yeah. A little bit is fine though. I grow my own wheat grass to keep my little grazers happy. They are more excited when I bring out the pot of grass than when I open up their can food…


So that’s the purpose of a white and black coat… it’s the perfect camouflage for cat’s natural habitat, resting on plastic deck chairs.




Looks like a safety seat for cats. :grin:



Cat melted. In this kind of weather waking around the house is a yoga where with emphasis on stretching…to step over feline cadavers at random spots on the floor. And do not even think about getting up in the middle of the night to per without turning on all lights first.