Cat of the day


Only one paying attention to the teacher.


Fight is brief. Posting it for the catness


I love the weird caterwauling.


The ‘calm down, buddy’ pose about 1:20 is pretty funny.


We need a cuddle:


wow, that cat looks like an anime character…


XD the tail @1:14


Only 5000 NTD



Married to the feline revolution! :heart:


Sorry human, all taken


Very shiny. It’s more Roman segmentata looking than Samurai o-yoroi though.


I knew there were scooter punk gangs, but I didn’t know there were cat scooter punk gangs! :grin:


Talking about knowing, does anyone know aside from cicadas, what local mega bug looks like a giant cockroach? Would put a picture but the cats got to it first and there is just a piece of massive head.

Hope it was a cicada as they are not poisonous. Maybe someone’s pet bug? Does not look like a rhinoceros bug, used to have wings.






Before the flood set in, I saw a large cicada on the sidewalk near my home (late last week sometime). It was not a molt; it was alive. Those things are never alone, so there must be more and it’s probably cicada time in Taiwan.

My guess is your cats tore up a cicada that was looking for a port in the storm.


Well I hope they continue the good work as I am terrified of that thing landing on me at night.


First large spiders, now large cicadas. Picky picky picky.

Probably just looking for a snuggle (if it did land on you in your sleep). Don’t want to judge you, but you seem to have a decidedly pro-fur prejudice. :thinking: