Cat of the day


There is limited space here for any more critters.



I shared that one in my FB.


Ahhh… so we are not good enough at Formosa :yum::kissing_heart:


Fb got video. He is just sitting there like the King of the Jungle.


Since we don’t have a Dog Of The Day thread, I’m posting this here.

Edit: ah, we do have one. Stupid search thingy doesn’t work. Whatever. It’s got a cat in it.




Not funny! Friggin cat!



My oldest cat, Didi, scared the crap outta me last night by having dificulties going to the bathroom. You guys must know that in cats, especially male cats, urinary trac is very thin and easily gets stuck, meaning all toxins go back to kitty´s body and he can be dead in a matter of hours.

Run, run, doctor, shots, etc. it seems his problem is rather inflamation of his stomach, not the bladder. Still not fun but not as immediate life threatening.

We have been together 18 years. I know he is closer to the rainbow bridge now but he is still my darling.


Eighteen is a lot of years for a cat. He’s lucky to have you as his human.



If you mean he is lucky to have this crazy overprotective cat lady as servant, who takes him to the doctor at the speed of sneeze anytime he sneezes, well, yeah.

Sometimes being paranoid helps. Most of the times, it provides amusement and tales to share for the vet.




That is a hell of a tail