Cat of the day




My precious. One is 18 years old, the other 18 months.


They look like twins. :grinning:


The 18 year old used to have a twin, who passed away a few years ago. We got a stand in when the cat I found in the park gave birth to the «deadly trio of doom». I gave one kitten away and wanted to keep only this one. Alas, he cannot stand being without his brother.


How many times do you need to be reminded, hooman? :unamused:



RIP Spooky



I was thinking… “Icon” , watching this clip.:wink:


Only 2 bodies there.

Just got up and I had 5 creatures with me. One was lodged in my piku. Now back in bed only Bobby remains faithful. The rest are watching geckos and birds.


Help. 3 bodies on top, one on my neck.


I like that you’re still able to post through that.





Oh that is a naughty cat. ROLF.


This in Taiwan too right? Tianmu?

It’s not worth it

Same guys as here

And in my house, where suddenly them pets can’t stand each other and are giving me such grief.