Cat of the day







The air in the east bay is not breatheable at around 180 right now

We are taking a two day breather …literally down to Carmel where it’s currenty about 70 so much better

Wish we had the funds to stay longer

Bay Area people all hoping the wind will change and bring this smoke away

The fire is the worst in calif history with over 120000 acres burned and over 6500 houses burnt
And worse about 220 people still missing

We are hoping the regular November rains come next week and put out these fires

Whopper likes car rides as much as I like flying as you can see


I was looking at the satellite pictures and it’s just insane. Hope it all blows away soon.



This is Zander, my mom’s cat.


New sheriff in the town of Carmel






Does your cat aspire to be the same shape as the pumpkins?


I was wondering that myself. Not sure if Tommy’s cat is getting bigger, or his wife is getting smaller.


The cat is literally half the size of his wife.

Now, who´s fiercer, ask Tommy.


If they gang up on him, things could definitely get ugly.


got a shot of Milktea just like it


I hope that cat has a license! :hushed: