Cat of the day


I thought you replied to guess where the photo was taken


Well, if he’s driving, I’d imagine he’s going to Houtong…or one of those fishing ports.



So I have been sick as a dog. The elder cats put up with my coughing as well as Bobby.

Now that I feel better I moved to the sofa…and everyone wants to be with me. Wish I could take a picture of 6 cats on top of my body but the gymnastics involved are beyond me.

Most importantly, now that my nose is clearing up, I am perceiving the stench of something that definitely died somewhere. Haven’t found it yet though. I fear it might have been a rat, RIP.


Get thee well


Oh I will…As soon as I find the source of the stench. It is going to be difficult with a stuffed nose though.



You’d think the cats would have found it by now…or maybe they’re just not interested?


They may have left the cadaver after getting tired of playing with it.


Cats are so cute. :grin:


I was just reading about this guy’s cat who burned half the house down…


HOw about the one that turned the faucet on and flooded the whole house, causing hundreds of thousands in damage? :stuck_out_tongue:


One of our cats knows how to open doors, which means we leave several of our apartment doors permanently locked. Once in a while I’ll notice him paying close attention when I flush the toilet, but he doesn’t seem to have figured that out yet. Thank goodness.


Miley the cat



Is that a Christmas Tree -tailed cat?






I thought my cat was bad in a car
I know this is not a cat but since I don’t visit the dog site




Did you spill your wine , whilst smoking?