Cat of the day


Something like that… reminds me of a joke… When does a cat sound like a dog? When you dip it in kerosene and light it on fire: WOOF!


So I bought a door Christmas decoration yesterday and brought it home. Nice wood one, sturdy, will last several years I think. Well, I left the bag on the table to set it up this morning. Lo and behold, when I wake up, whole bag is swimming in cat pee. Explain that to me.


Do you see the second cat face in that photo? :cat: :cat:

(I’m not making a joke about your wife btw.)


the image on the right, on the bottom? does look like a cat huh? Just missing its right ear. freaky holloween eh?



I’m not sure about that. This is what I see:

It could also pass for a dog’s face. :eek:


pretty cool. I didnt see that. guess you scanned that pic pretty good :slight_smile:


But where’s the other face you saw?


The white produce to the right of pic
Kinda resembles a face


The only good thing about the heat is that I am alone in bed and able to move as there are no fat cats on top of me.


I can see my wife holding her cat for a portrait





Touch my balls again and I’ll sue you for harassment!




Freaky resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence


But with David Bowie eyes.


Talk that dirty talk