Cat of the day



Yo quiero.


My cat now has TWO cat books of himself and his lovely mommie and a calendar where he is on the month of august.
lol. His mommie ordered ten calendars and she sold them all to her friends. And he got a bunch of christmas cards and a bunch of toys from his friends in the UK !!

But hes a far cry from the cats on instagram with ONE million followers (he has a paltry 3500 or so).

Hes beaten by a chicken in europe that has over 10,000 followers as his parents take him all around europe. Gee.

Pet Children is what they are.


You obviously need to take a bunch of pictures of his butt and turn it into a coloring book.


Has the thought of taking "butt’ pics never inspired you to do the same?


Uh…no comment?



I find that cat milk has a nasty aftertaste. And it takes a lot of cats to produce just one glass.





I leave Milker with this…


Those two humans are building a sex robot for cows? Cool!


um … it appears to be a machine for humans to practice fisting.


Hmm, yeah. Could be some kind of “Little Jack Horner” scenario. Or it could be multi-use. In any case, it’s getting me a little hot under the collar.


How did this get into a cat thread


I’m blaming @shiadoa, our most notorious shitposter.


That would be a good title, or at least “Facebook Video Poster”


I presume you will be “unliking” all those posts then , TG ? Hmmm


That would take hours!


Apologies if carried on the drifting away from topic thoughts… trying to post when I can get a few minutes, but friend in a medical crisis and am under pressure with work…blah blah…my normal, impeccable, standard may drop a little. :unamused: