Cat of the day


Sorry to hear all that, join the club. As usual I was just messing with you, love the videos as you noticed


They already have one for bulls, nice to know about equality.

In a totally off topic, I have unfortunately witnessed when they «fertilize» a cow. Poor thing.


It wasn’t Dr Milker on the receiving end, was it?


I’m not fertile, so not possible.


Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. But you can still enjoy normal, healthy relationships with other cows, you know. Or with big men in rubber overalls wielding syringes.


Not really into the drug scene.


I just hope the nice lady gets practice enough to be able to insert her arm all the way without causing you any distress. I mean, unless the stress relieves the heat under your collar. :relieved:


With enough lubrication, anything is possible.


:sob: A dear departed friend’s favorite saying. RIP.


Well, I guess anything but immortality.





Star Trek binge.

My Human is Not (Data’s Cat)



me cats… just when you think they are finally getting along…


Bad technique…shouldn’t have started licking the ear itself.


You need more cats.


Where is this sweater cat that the people were promised?


Looks like somebody took a little nibble out of that ear before. Maybe that’s why kitty was perturbed.