Cat of the day


Behold the face of hatred.

I went out and bought her two proper pieces, one in pink, one in yellow. Hope she likes those.


Yet more proof that cats hate sweaters.


Someone really, really does not like clothes.


Stop oppressing cats with your cute sweaters!



Doctor’s order!


Time for a second opinion. Cats neither like or need clothes of any kind.


Sick cats with low body temperature need some assistance. I tried the heating pad but she peed on it, clothes as you have seen are not her style and the heater, well, it cannot be on 24/7.

Open to any and all suggestions.


A fuzzy, comfortable cat bed?



She already got that. With an extra blanket on top to get in like a pearl in an oyster shell.


That should be enough…and sleeping with you under the comforter at night.


Ah unfortunately that cannot be, as she tends to flee from the bed. When the cats are sick, they tend to isolate themselves, to hide, which is very problematic.




Tigers also butt wiggle.

That was scary!





I often see kitties with half a tail here. I always assume they’ve lost it in battle but one lady I talked to said her cat was born with the short tail!

I had no idea there was such a thing as a short tail gene for cats. The cat I saw even had a little curly tip on the end of its tail, kind of like a shiba inu but only the very tip.


Would you guys say you have a minor kink, or a medium kink?


Some of that cats you see with short tails had them cut off. There’s a Taiwanese superstition that feral cats are possessed by evil spirits, and cutting off their tail takes away their power.


I guess nothing should surprise me.