Cat playmate

I’m hoping to find another cat to be a playmate for Bella when I arrive in Taipei. Are there pet stores that have cat kennels available for me to pick out a cat? I read so much here about Tawainese people abandoning their pets, but I’d rather not get a stray off the street. Any thoughts on where a new arrival can go pet shopping? :help:

Contact Animals Taiwan, started by one of Forumosa’s finest.

I also know someone who hopes to be able to find a home for her cat (about a year or so old I think). She found the poor thing and has been raising it though never intended it to be permanent. If you are interested I can contact her.

And you can have my cats between 4-8am every morning when they run around the apartment keeping me awake. :rainbow:

[quote=“Muzha Man”]Contact Animals Taiwan, started by one of Forumosa’s finest.[/quote]

What he said.

Why? Of course you don’t want a feral cat, but the animal rescue groups like MeetPets and AnimalsTaiwan (as well as individual posters here) often have very nice, loveable cats that they find on the streets, and they can often be vaccinated and all that for you in advance (you should expect to reimburse them for that, of course – it’s not too much though). Some are even kittens, which means that they’ll grow up being used to you and your apartment.

Seriously, the breeders are are unscrupulous, and the cats are often unhealthy due to inbreeding. The cats off the streets are often healthier, genetically speaking, and even after flea removal and vaccines, will be cheaper than one from a store. You should give them a chance!

First of all, I think you are a great owner by taking into consideration your pet’s feelings and trying to make her life more pleasant in a new place with a new friend. You are also careful enough to want the best possible playmate.

I have also been there. My cat Meimei went to kitty heaven and so, I couldn’t leave kitty Didi alone. By coincidence, when I was still thinking about what to do, I met a current member of AT, who matched me up with kitty Icon.

Every month I purchase supplies from one of these supermarket-like pet store establishments, and AFAIK in my 10 years here, I can assure you that the so-called strays rescued by members of organizations like Meet Pets and Animals Taiwan are in much better condition than the poor little souls in cages generated for profit.

A friend of mine got a cat that normally sells for 30 thousand nts on a discount because it was an adult and hence “not coai”. The poor thing had spent his life in a cage up, and up to this day he is not quite right. There are other issues but the bottom line is at least he’s in a good place where they love him just the way he is.

Most of the rescued pets have been socialized -this being a very important factor if you want an ideal playmate- which means efforts have been taken to educate them and increase their habilities to live pleasantly with other animals and people. They have been checked more than once by the vets, which is a guarantee no breeder or pet store can give -or why you think those ones for sale have not even been neutered? They have been taken care of, hugged, played with and overall loved enough to look for a family of their own.

Please leave this possibility open. We understand many things can happen in time. A friend of mine was looking forward to adopt a Lab. The day before, he met this tugou, who adopted him.

This is Picasso and Mona Lisa. Picasso is the orange boy and Mona Lisa is the tri-colored girl. They were found in the art room of a kindergarten when they were only 1 day old. Abby has bottle-fed them for about 2 weeks now and they are really healthy. There are some pics of them playing with Abby’s cats too. These kittens are in the care of Animals Taiwan Taichung ( and will be available for adoption soon. … 10011&p=16

If you are interested in a cat, please consider our adoption programs. Of course there are pet shops that have healthy conditions here in Taiwan, but I hope you will consider adopting one of our orphans. Thanks!