Cat Stuck in River, Changhua County (Dacun Train Station)

After leaving Dacun Train Station about an hour ago, I started walking north alongside the small river that runs alongside the tracks, and heard the distressed mews of an impressively-stuck moggy. Given the way raw sewage is handled in Taiwan, I do think the cat may literally be up shit creek without a paddle. I took a couple of pictures (see below) and went back to the tiny train station to use my terrible Chinese to try to explain to the staff that there’s a cat stuck in the river, and I wasn’t sure if someone should be called, although I wasn’t sure who! But although I got the cat’s situation across, my mayo ban-fars were met with their equally-shruggish mayo ban-fars.

It’s sunny today and it won’t be pleasant to be stuck in the sunshine for twelve hours, partially-submerged. Assuming Plans A (the little bastard should just swim for it) and B (I don’t have a gun) are out of the question, is there someone I could email? Some sort of Changhua Water Authority or River Police? The cat was 100m north of the station, next to the west bank.

Or should I just not care? :whistle:

What’s it even standing on?!?!

Call the closest fire department or ask someone else to. The FD handles this type of thing as part pf their daily duties. Good on you for caring.

where is the cat on the picture?

Sorry! If you open the picture in a new tab or window, you’ll see it all. The forum crops embedded pictures so you wouldn’t see the cat part if you’re looking at a resolution lower than 1080P. Partly my fault for lazily using huge pictures. I’ve removed the second picture as it’s basically the first picture, zoomed in.

Thanks for your help, plasmatron. I hope the fire department understood and helps. I’ll check on my way home, and if it’s still there, I’ll have a train station employee give me access to the tracks and I’ll walk along and dangle my shirt down to try to coax it to climb up.

What happened?

A similar thing happened to me a few years ago. I plan to write about it here. The rescue services were a total joke. Me and a few locals rescued the dog the rescue services had long given up.