Cataract Surgery

I haven’t seen a post on this so I thought I would offer some helpful suggestions.
I had noticed that my far sightedness was gradually diminishing and chalked it up to the negative side of the aging process. It seemed to stabilize after about a year or so of gradual deterioration. I found a good ophthamologist and got it checked. Turned out that I had worsening catarcts for both eyes. They scheduled surgery which was done in the same building.
Went in at 10 am and on a Monday, today, and it was kind of a surgery queue. The laser surgery for the right eye was about 15 minutes on the table. No anesthesia, etc, as it was not painful. It was just discomforting. Pro people all the way except I did feel more like a number than a person.
When the doc finished, I got to my feet with a few moments of vertigo and to my delight I could see peoples faces at a distance. I had planned to work that evening but they suggested that I cancel. I know I could have but I did take the evening off. I rather wish now that I hadn’t canelled. Next Monday they will do the left eye.
For the even better news, this is covered under NHI program. It cost 150NT for the exam and 150NT for each eye. Cost included meds and sunglasses.
In conclusion, if the sight starts to slide, go get it checked. Don’t assume that you soon need new glasses, as I did. It is a quick check and very cheap.
After the experience, I had some slight discomfort and the doc assures that that will go away within 12 hours.
I hope this helps someone.
The place I went was:
Xinpoo Exit number 2 and walk south, straight, down Wenwha Rd. 4 door before the first stoplight, you will see the clinic. It has a big eye staring at you on the sign. A pharmacy is next door. No appointment needed for the exam.
EDIT: English was not a problem.

Ok. It didn’t hurt before. Now it does. (about 4 hours later) They gave me some “uncomfortable” drops and some “pain” drops. I will opt for the pain drops. It really isn’t unbearable but I want DRUGS. and not the ones they gave me.