Catch a perv dotcom - Internet safety

Looking through this website after reading the report below, I got to thinking what a fantastic idea. Pervs need to know there aint no safe hidey holes in cyberspace. The thought our little ones could be drawn in by cyber sleazes is an uncomfortable one.


[quote]A chat, a wave and the trap is set
November 25, 2006
“HOT PHIL” SITS in a squalid-looking flat, tapping at his computer keyboard as he logs on to an internet chat room. Scouring the names and profiles of those online, he homes in on someone called “Lucy Star”. He types out his own profile, describing himself as “male with short hair, slim build, tats [tattoos] all over and body tanned”. Helpfully, he also uploads a couple of pictures of himself, his shaved head making him look faintly reptilian. He asks Lucy if she wants to chat.

Within seconds she responds: “asl?” - chatroom speak for “age, sex, location?” Phil replies instantly. “39 MALE SURREY. U?” So far, so banal, as so many chat room encounters tend to be. Except that “Hot Phil” already knows Lucy’s age. From her profile on the website, it is clear she is only 13.

“DO U LIKE OLDER MEN?” he asks, following it up quickly with “R U ALONE IN THE HOUSE?” When Lucy admits she is, Phil goes for broke. “WOT SIZE BOOBS R U?” Then: “CAN U TAKE YOUR TOP OFF AND EXPOSE YOUR BOOBS?”

After several minutes of increasingly sordid messages, Phil asks if his young victim has a webcam and, if so, will she turn it on for him? “No soz [sorry],” Lucy replies. “i neva go first. U could be rly rly [really really] old.” Desperate to win her trust, Phil turns on his own webcam. “Now u,” he demands. She then asks him to wave at the camera - and when he does, Lucy has achieved her goal. Turning on her webcam, she watches as Phil’s face darkens with horror and he scrambles for the off button. “Smile for me!” Lucy types, before adding: “Welcome to”.