Catching a cold during the hot summer

Second time in a month span. Sucks. Probably too cold air con in shopping malls coupled with heavy sweating outside.
Anyone else?

It’s because you got rained on and didn’t dry yourself properly. Or maybe you’ve been consuming cold drinks.


Summer colds are always the worst.

Or you picked up a virus someone else gave you, because I doubt the virus knows or cares whether it is Summer or Winter.


I used to have that issue. The air-conditioning here is crazy.

Have a few sips of whisky a day to kill the bacteria. Makes a huge difference!


AC has little to do with it, though if the AC is dirty it could be spreading germs around.

Given how high the population density is in Taiwan it is inevitable that you’ll catch whatever cold everyone’s catching.

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Air con and sweating don’t give you colds, despite superstition here. Only viruses give you colds. Wear a mask and use hand-sanitizer a lot when you go out.


Maybe air con and sweating make you more susceptible to viruses. Also not drinking enough warm water.


Strange because last time I caught a cold during the summer was in 2016, never had this issue last 3 years. The Whisky tip is solid actually.

Cold air on the belly is the cause


Just need to wash your hands more often.

And sanitize your phone!

Air con can dry out the air enough to cause cracks in the mucous lining of your nose and mouth, although I am not sure that Taiwan’s split-unit air conditioners are powerful enough to do it. If you run the a/c at night, though, and your nose or mouth dries out it might make you more susceptible to a virus/prion.

Probably a good idea to wash your hands more often, too.

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I drink a lot of water so pee like 10 times a day, so wash my hands at least 10 times a day :slight_smile: My guess is that it’s more about the air con, need to get it clean.

Thanks for all the tips posted :+1:

I’m sorry if it’s now too late, but I was on my phone and couldn’t use Paint to edit this pic. Not that i did, of course, it’s 100% genuine.


Be careful or you will summon Icon


Are you in Taichung? There’s been a nasty cold going around this month

Spent a few days there but that was 2 months ago, was in Kaohsiung last week for 4 days, and back to Tainan on Saturday. Tomorrow is Whiskey day I guess, or perhaps Tequila from the old country that should work too.

I was eating at a restaurant 2 weeks ago. I picked one that’s good but always empty during lunch time for some peace and quiet. It’s tourist season so I try to avoid that crowd. And half way through enjoying my meal alone a bunch of Cantonese tourist came in. Very loud as usual.

Anyways they asked for warm water in broken English and the waiter was extremely confused. It’s not a thing here in Italy and it’s pretty hot out as well. He didn’t understand why they would want warm water.

They also asked for “Italian” food that’s not actually served in Italy like spaghetti and meatballs and was confused why the most popular Italian dish was not served here along with other non Italian dishes.

Anyways I had enough of this chaos of 15 people talking loudly in Cantonese and broken English to the waiter that didn’t understand what’s going on. So I just got up and recommended them food and ordered for them. Luckily they understand and speak basic Chinese and I can understand some basic Cantonese.

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Lol, that being said it’s true that warm water is better for the stomach, since I am around 30 years old I hardly drink icy water, or any icy drinks (except beers). I puked a few times in the last few years after drinking cold tea or cold milk too fast. I see so many people drinking icy tea, don’t know how they do it.