Catching a cold during the hot summer

I’ve had ice cold or super hot drinks all my life. I just can’t stand the thought of room temperature pop, juice or water. Other things like milk go bad at room temperature. I just can’t bring myself to do that.

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Yeah I guess it depends on which drinks and how fast or slow you drink them. Iced coffee for instance if nice (makes sense), just need to drink it slowly, the sugar free black tea on the other hand I find it very bland if icy, but very good if at room temperature. Black tea mixed with milk at room temperature is also very nice IMO.

If it’s a bloody hot day, that drink will definitely be inhaled.

Just realize that the reason Asians all like to drink hot or warm water is because in the old days cold water = not clean since in those days cold water could kill you, as they took it directly from the river or a well. They have to boil it in order to kill all the germs in it. So having it warm gives them mental assurance that the water has been boiled. Of course that ends up becoming habit and so they think ice cold water causes you to get sick, or if you’re sick you should drink hot water.

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I hope you also ordered them shots of amaro to finish :slight_smile:

This is a girly thing isn’t it? I’ve had multiple GFs going on about this.

Cold air on the belly?

They tell this to children. Especially in the summer for them to cover their belly with a blanket or something in the AC.

I love milk that sat out all night.

Que paso, que paso, vamos ahi!

Now I always do :smiley:

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