Catching Cats

There was one cat that used to hang out around my wife’s parent’s place about 10 years back, and in the past 10 years that number’s multiplied into… well, more than I can count myself.

They’re fed every day and they know where they can get their food, but they just won’t let humans get close to them. I’m sure the number of cats showing up is getting bigger and bigger by the week. :noway:

What I want to know is does anybody have any idea how we can lure these stay cats out and grab some of them so we can get them to the vet for neutralization? So far its proved almost impossible.

Cat traps. We’re ordering some. Watch this space. :wink:

Wow! That’s at least 11. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I do is talk to the neightboors first. Luckly they allow me to leave the cat trap down there. I would trap the felmale cats then get them to the vet, fixed then return they back to where they are. My neightboors told me that since I started doing it, they don’t see as many kittens as much as usual. Remember, after you do TNR(trap, Neuter, Return), don’t forget to clip their right ears. Because in Taipei City Animal Shelters won’t catch them when they see the ears are cliped.

By the way, Sean
What kind of cat trap are you ordering?! The taiwanese kind or ?
If it’s from the States I’d like to get one.

From the States. I’ll order an extra one for you. :wink:

I’d like to borrow one… cause I’m cheap. :laughing:

let me know what how much is it. I’ll wire the money to you.
Give me the info.