Cats for sale in Hsinchu?

Okey, the dogs are everywhere, both stray dogs and in the pet stores. But the cats? I’ve hardly seen a cat since I got here. I know that there is one cat in one petstore and that one’s not for sale. Where can I find one?

YOu do know that cats live 15 to 20 years? So bear that in mind? And the pet stores seem to only sell persians (10,000nt and up) or siamese (3000nt and up) and some exotics like abyssinians (much more expensive). Nobody sells regular tabbys and regular short hairs it seems. I dont even know where people get those, except rescued as young kittens i suppose?

I rescued this cute young kitten once that didnt even have eyes open. The ma cat mustve dropped it in the gutter where i found it. But a few weeks later it was a nice little kitten and the guy who came to deliver gas said he knows someone in Taipei that wants a cat and my mom gave it to him (we had previously thought to give it away). I was a bit angry tho as i had thought maybe i would keep it instead. So i guess short haired cats are hard to just buy. Unlike in the USA where you can just go to a shelter and get one. Hey thats an idea. Go to a shelter, I bet they got em there?

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Hi tina109,

  1. Breeders here in Taiwan don’t have a reputation for being professional or ethical, so the consensus among everyone I know here is that you should NOT buy a cat. You’re better off adopting from someone who’s leaving the island, from a home litter, or a rescued stray. Not only will you not be supporting unethical local breeders, but you’ll also be saving a poor critter from a short, cruel life on the streets and giving it a long, happy one in a loving home.

  2. The genetically healthiest cats are mixed breeds, so your odds are best if you avoid purchasing a purebred. That means you’re best off adopting, not buying.

  3. There is a regular supply of rescued strays through posters in the Pets & Animals forum (which is where this thread belongs), and through groups such as MeetPets, Animals Taiwan, BARK in Gaoxiong, and so on. Some local pet stores may also take in unwanted kittens and then GIVE them away for free (the cute kittens in the window attract customers, and create long-term sales opportunities for products). Some kind-hearted local vets also accept rescued stray kittens, so you can swing by a few and ask.

  4. You can also just keep an ear out for the mewing sound of kittens in the alleys near you. People in Pets & Animals can give more advice about how to proceed with that. I’ve got three stray kittens on my hands now, for instance, found without a mum, but they’re already spoken for, and another three cats we have were adopted – picked up off the streets by Forumosans 914, BuLaiEn and Dragonbabe.

Just post saying you’d like to adopt a stray kitten, and before too long, I’m sure someone can provide you with a cute little ball of fur, for free!

(PS – when you do get one, please be sure to take it into the vet for a health check, regularly scheduled vaccinations, and very importantly, neutering when it is old enough)

Tina, the only reason I can think of that you haven’t seen cats in your area is because 1. they have been exterminated as “pests” 2. since it is summer, they stay in the shadows and anyway, cats prefer going out at night and early morning.

Cats lives in Taiwan are very hard. Many people just let kitty go when they find it unconvenient or it scratches a sofa or just because they graduate and move back home. Other people believe silly superstitions and cats are often blamed as demosn. Furthermore, gross acts of repulsive violence against them are increasing. Recently, in Taipei, there was another cat killer nut case, who chops kittens in at least 5 pieces and leaves on teh street for all to see. His actions have spooked his community so badly the neighbors have set several additional cameras and an altar where they burn incense to be delivered of his evil ways. Seriously.

Hence, if you like cats, as you seem to do, please consider giving a rescued cat a chance. I have a lovely yellow tabby that is very affectionate. I just saw on the boards someone needs to have an Angora given a home. Please help us save a cat from the hardships and certain painful death on the streets.

Breeders in Taiwan are unregulated and most make their :“trade” under the worst conditions. If you buy, it incentivates their greed and puts more cats out there. Why? Because when they are done overbreeding the females they throw them on the street, or if the law/neighbor gives them grief they just get rid of the evidence. Also, there is no quality control of the litters, and you can be struck paying 30 thousand nts for a sick cat that will live a painful life.

At the rescues we have tuxedos, Persians, even Ragdolls. The most important thing is you will be saving a life and gaining a friend for life.

I wish we DIDN’T see so many cats! :wink:

Have a look. They all need homes(Pictures taken 5 minutes ago):

The two bigger ones are between 10 and 12 weeks old, and the smaller ones are about 7-8 weeks old. They were all still feeding on their mothers’ milk until a week ago so they are all healthy and strong. The bigger orange ones are a bit wild, but they will come around, and the other ones are friendly.

We also have awesome fully grown cats looking for homes. You can visit to see some photos.

We are located in Kaohsiung, by the way, but we can transport animals anywhere in Taiwan.


Want a cat? I know someone who has rescued a few. Quite willing to give one or two up to a good home. Neutered, vaccinated etc with vet’s record booklet.

I think your problem has been solved !!! now if you are going to keep the cat for as long as he lives (killing the cat doesnt count :noway: ) then go and adopt one !!

Doesn’t get any better than that! The good thing with grown cats is you get to know what their personality is like as adults.

[quote=“tina109”]I know that there is one cat in one petstore and that one’s not for sale.[/quote]That is a good thing.

I understand the reluctance to trust the breeders - but be careful to generalize. I have both, a stray as well as a pure-bred Abyssinian. I went to inspect the breeder, called other owners of siblings, checked out the mom [of the cat…] and is VERY happy with my choice.

As to where to find cats in Hsinchu:

  • There are a couple of big pet stores that sell expensive cats from $10 000 and up [i.e Kingdom of Animals, corner of Dongda and Jingua. They also have a branch in Jubei]
  • There are some ‘cat only stores’ around town, called There is one near the train station. They sell cats for about 2000 - 3000, mostly mixed breeds. I never liked these stores…
  • On weekends, near the flower market in front of the Confucius temple, shelters will have cats to sell - but you will be lucky to find them, since they dont do it regularly.

Lastly, here are some websites, they post stray cats and sheltered cats:
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Generalizations are one thing, but ALL breeders in Taiwan aren’t recognized by the international community. That’s a fact and not a generalization.

More importantly, every pet you buy leaves a homeless pet… Homeless. That is also a fact. Taiwan is home to hundreds of thousands of homeless pets. And that is yet another fact.


I’d dare to say millions homeless. And that’s also a fact.

Please remember you are in a place where they dye white poodles brown to sell them for 10 thousand nts more. Me no trust breeders here, no sireee.

Here are the websites for adopting:
The Society of Animal Welfare in Hsinchu [SAWH]
and a national search engine:

Here are the dates the shelter have cats in front of the Confucius temple near the Flower Market:
Every second and fourth Saturday from 2-5 pm [05/23) (06 / 13, 06/27) (07/11, 07/25) (08/08, 08/22) (09/12, 09/26) (10/10, 10/24) (11/07, 11/21 ) (12/12, 12/26). All animals are free of charge and has the appropriate vaccines and shots.

and BTW, I would never, ever regret that I bought a [very expensive] Abyssinian from a breeder. In looking for a companion and choosing a partner, you have the right to make the choices you can live with - and I live happily and content with mine.

[quote=“marboulette”]Doesn’t get any better than that! The good thing with grown cats is you get to know what their personality is like as adults.

Wow, so there’s a lot of cats for adoption^^ Wonderful! Looks like I’m going to get myself a kittie :slight_smile:

I am sure you have thought about this, but many people get animals without thinking what to do with them when they go on holiday, etc. I used to just take off for Spring Scream or Thailand, but now, whenever I want to take a trip, I need to get a cat-sitter.
Luckily, Forumosa is also a great place to find people who will take care of your cat. I’ve got two kitties, which is great, as they don’t get so lonely when we’re at work.
Good luck with finding a great kitty to adopt. I loooooveee cat people. :lovestruck: :heart: