Cats literally obsessed with food

Hey all,

I’m currently in London staying with my brother and he is having a problem with his cats.

Put simply, they are obsessed with food. Any movement a person makes in the flat, the cats will go straight to the kitchen to be fed. It doesn’t matter what time of day, if they were fed 5 minutes ago or even who is in the house be it a familiar person or a stranger.

My brother said he tried a trick that he read somewhere to take away the bowl after they ate, but that didnt work. He tried IAMs (I’m not sure what that is :blush: I’m just the messenger) which didnt work. His relationship with them has changed a lot from when I last saw them, they used to be sweet loving cats, now they are literally crazy about food.

Any ideas?

Has your brother taken them to a vet to see if there is a problem such as a parasite?

does he HAVE to feed the cats if the cats go to the kitchen???

To answer both questions…

brotherfunk says…

  1. we tried deworming them… that didnt work so we figured it was a pyschological problem rather than a physiological one… ok a trip to the vets it is then.

  2. We don’t have to feed them when we go to the kitchen, but literally any movement, even just standing up in the living room means the cats will get up and go straight to the kitchen.

anyway cheers for your help :notworthy:

Our cats have food available all the time and only eat when they are hungry … aren’t all cats like this?

Maybe your brother should leave food out for them all the time instead of actively feeding them all the time. That way food won’t be such a big thing for them as it will always be available.

Hope it helps!


if you saw my cats belly you would never say that. He eats too much and when we take away the food he cries, but since he is getting a bit of a ponch we have to regulate his eating