Caught Shoplifting


Contact the Community Center in Tienmu for help with counselling. The web address is They have counsellors who might be able to help you, as well.


I’ll take a different approach and don’t take this the wrong way…

Stop coming back to this thread to update us. I think I can speak for most of us here and say, we do appreciate you coming back. It’s nice to know that our advice helped you in some way. It also helps others that may have similar cases in the future to use this thread as a reference, however, you owe any of us anything!

How I see it is, every time you logon to this forum, it will remind you of what happened. You’ve had to repeat what you had to do to get out of your situation multiple times and it helps us get up to speed, but it also a self induced reminder to your embarrassing moment(s).


Maybe @yyy could mark this as solved? We may even need to create a “Solved Many Times Over” icon.


Let’s wait for that mysterious letter to arrive. Then all should be well. :slight_smile:


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I never got the “mysterious” letter anyways… Only thing that was strange was the lady asking for my personal ID number saying it is necessary for that letter/agreement/or whatsoever and I naively told her. Anyways I decided to let it go and forget everything and hopefully no court letter will arrive out of the blues.

Thanks for all the advice and support everyone.


I know ya’ll so annoyed with me but a part of me still wants to share this with you since you guys are the only people I’ve told this about.

So, eventually, today the manager called me and asked me to come over. She handed me the official agreement and we both signed. It stated that the compensation is satisfactory to them and they won’t be taking any further legal actions. However, she said, shoplifting is a crime and even it’s highly unlikely, they might decide to prosecute me and if so I should show this agreement. Today the lady wasn’t mean to me at all and I am glad about it.

Thanks guys for paying attention.


Hey people, I have a question. Is there any chance that they’ll send my criminal record to my home country? Or to my country’s embassy in Taiwan?


Did you traffic drugs? Murder someone? Are you on an Interpol watchlist?

No, you shoplifted. I think that’s a misdemeanor in the US. I can’t say with 100% certainty that they won’t pass it on, but I HIGHLY doubt it. (Still, as you now realize the risk/reward odds of being a “sticky fingers” is never worth it)


You, in case not being an American, might rather worry about cases where your finger prints sent to the US immigration from Taiwan since “Unlike other crimes a Shoplifting or Theft Conviction is considered for immigration purposes one of the worst crimes even though it is nonviolent in nature”(so shoplifting constitutes a CMT), although the source is ad of an attorney.

Other countries won’t request such data for shoplifting, especially for Taiwan, though I might be totally wrong.


Do you have a criminal record?

To my understanding, you have to be sentenced by a judge to have a criminal record.
And this includes the right to a lawyer and the process of defending yourself.

At least you should get a notification that you had been sentenced and that you can object or something.

Get a lawyer and keep you embassy out of this.


Hey, thanks for the reply but I don’t quite get your post can you explain?

Hi. I think I have a criminal record, because I was recorded in a video answering questions/confessing at the police station. Even though the store won’t sue me I don’t know if I’m gonna prosecuted anyways or not tho since people are saying it is a prosecutive crime.


you can check it by requesting your criminal record. Just you are thinking to have a criminal record, and actually you have are different.


Even though being an off-topic, I just wanted to point out US immigration might care about your shoplifting record (if it exists) for when your admission into US (in case you are not an American).


But this record is in Taiwan, not in my home country. And how would the US immigration know I’ve lived in Taiwan? And why would Taiwan send fingerprints of random foreign people to the US?


Tando has already told you (as have several other posters) to go to your police station and request a criminal record check. It only costs less than 200NTD. Then you will know whether you need to continue worrying or not.

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Nobody knows if US requests the data from Taiwan or not except those involved in the process, but US regards shoplifting as a CMT, which is the point I wanted to make.


I strongly agree with Tando and Mr. D


I’m just posting this for the sake of general context/comparison.


I found the equivalent Tairail card last month and promptly used it in lieu of handing it in (NTD113 in tickets). Feel better about that now, wasn’t sleeping well at nights.