[CCRD] CCRD from the UK

Regarding the procedure for a UK citizen to obtain a “Clean Criminal Record Documentation”, a correspondent in Taichung has provided the following information:

Q: What are the procedures to obtain a certificate of no criminal record?

A: At present, the UK authorities do not provide police clearance certificates. Applicants can however apply for a subject access reply under the Subject Access Provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. According to the Metropolitan Police, this is accepted by most foreign missions in the absence of any other facility. Applications should be made to the local police station that covered your last address in the UK. Applications can be made in person or by post and should include an original copy of an approved photo ID (for example a passport or the new driving license) and a cheque or postal order for

Richard, what’s “an original copy?”

[Moderator’s note: the use of the term “original copy” is quite common in dealing with various types of legal matters. In a Household Registration Office in Taiwan, for example, the orginal records are permanently kept on the premises. However, an applicant may apply for an “original copy” of his/her documentation. This is viewed as being a copy of the relevant permanent record, which is then stamped (usually in red ink) with the name of the issuing agency, department, date, etc. Some other chops may be added as well (in red ink). A photocopy of this “original copy” is not acceptable in most instances, any relevant government agency requesting this information would want the “original copy.” In regard to a UK government office, I would assume that an “original copy” of a passport or driver’s license would be a photocopy taken of the original document (as opposed to a photocopy of a photocopy) which was then signed (for example) by the person involved, noting that it is a true and accurate copy of the original. The date and location of signing could also be noted. This would be my interpretation.]

I think a better English translation would be “certified copy” instead of “original copy”.

Alas, for the Metropolitan Police Authority, only the original document will do:

What do you need to complete your application?
Fee: Payment must be in sterling to the value of

That’s pretty cool, though – There’s no way I’d trust my passport, etc., in either the Brit or Taiwanese postal systems, but a bank statement? I’m going to open a new a/c with the minimum cash possible for just this purpose. Even if it gets stolen or lost en route, it won’t be a biggie.

Although it would also be good to see their reaction to a water or leccy bill all in Chinese.

Thanks for the info, Hexuan.

I read somewhere it is against UK law to send a British passport across an international border by post. Has to be done in a diplomatic bag. This is all on the Met website, which I think is www.met.police.uk

When will you be doing all this ?

Sandman, i think they were refering to a UK bank statement addressed using the roman alphabet to your address here in Taiwan.

One easy way to avoid the hassle is an affidavit, which can also be done by proxy, stating that you have no previous criminal record. It has to be stamped by the Taiwan office in London (and possibly before that by the Foregin and Commonwealth Office??). Much easier, faster and probably cheaper.