CCRD (Police Report)?

I almost gaveup on getting an ARC. I have been married over a year and was told that in order to get an ARC I had to get a Clean Criminal Record Documentation from the police in my home country verifying that I have had no criminal convictions in the last five years. Then this report must be sent to the nearest defacto Taiwan Overseas Representative Office where they will verify that the document is legitimate. Then I take this document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bureau of Consular Affairs in Taiwan to be re-certified and I will get my resident visa, whereupon I must apply at the local Foreign Affairs Police within 15 days to get my ARC.

My question is, is this for real? Do I really have to get a police report from home in the USA? Can’t I go to AIT and get something? Is there any way around this? Also do I have to go in person to the police station in the USA?

Yes, you do have to get a police report from your home city. We didn’t have to go in person, but they can fax you a form to fill out, and then you must send it by mail back to them. They will also need to see a copy of your driver’s license, since you aren’t there in person. Some stations will allow you to fax it back in, but just in case you should have the original too. Just call the local police station from your prior residency, and they can do this for you. They shouldn’t charge a fee, either. I called AIT to see if they could do it, but they said they cannot. Good-luck.

If you are having trouble getting this Clean Criminal Record Documentation from your home city or county Police Department, you can apply with the Ministry of Justice in Sacramento, California. It does not matter if you are (or have ever been) a California resident. They provide full services by mail. More specific information will be provided in this thread in mid-May, 2002.

As you know the USA has no National Police Administration, however the California Department of Justice actually has taken on this role for the issuance of “Clean Criminal Record Documentation” (CCRD) documents. Hence, they will issue a CCRD to you regardless if you have ever lived in California. The CDoJ is located in Sacramento, visit their website at

To begin the process you should send an email to their contact address, see

In your email you should note that you are a US citizen, with passport # _______, and are now residing in Taiwan in Southeast Asia. In connection with your application for a long term resident visa, it is necessary for you to submit a CCRD to the Taiwan National Police Administration. Hence, you should ask that the CDoJ Public Inquiry Unit send you TWO SETS OF FORMS for applying for a CCRD. You should state that your intent is to apply by mail, and ask what the charges are (in US$) and what is the best way to remit them. You should note that in the absence of formal diplomatic relations, the USA Government maintains an “American Institute in Taiwan,” and you are certain that they will be able to help you complete the application forms, with the fingerprinting required, in the appropriate manner. You should include your full name, passport number, and complete mailing address in Taiwan.

I recommend asking for two sets of forms, in the case that you make a mistake in filling out one set or some other problem/eventuality arises.

After you apply for the Clean Criminal Record Documentation, the CdoJ (which is the issuing agency) will only send it to YOU. It will be sent out by ordinary airmail. After you receive it, you will then need to express it back across the Pacific Ocean to the Taiwan Overseas Office nearest the issuing agency for certification. That would be the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Suite 501, 555 Montgomery Street, San Francisco. California 94111.

As to what the charges for such certification at the ROC Overseas Office in S.F. actually are, including postage, or whether you can pay some extra amount to have DHL service, etc., I have been in Taiwan nearly 27 years and I am unaware of any standard answer to this question. I assume that you would probably have to call the TECRO S.F., unless MOFA can advise you. I have not found any information about this on the MOFA website at

I have also heard that different people who called TECRO S.F. received different answers. (I would recommend that you have a Chinese associate make the telephone call and speak in Chinese.)

When you receive your certified CCRD back in Taiwan, it must then be submitted to the MOFA BOCA for re-verification. I note that the Taiwan authorities consider an overseas CCRD to have three months validity, so you have to be very efficient in going through all these steps, in order that you don’t exceed the cut-off deadline and have to start all over again.

When you are applying for an ARC or APRC in Taiwan, you have to assemble many items of paperwork. Obviously, the obtaining of the home-country CCRD is going to be the most time consuming. A further question arises as to when you should begin the assembly of the other paperwork. I would suggest that the best time is when it appears the CCRD is on its way back from TECRO S.F., or perhaps when you have actually are holding the certified CCRD in your hands. Then you should go for your health check at a large public hospital in Taiwan, take your home-country CCRD to MOFA-BOCA for re-verification, go to the Bureau of Entry and Exit for your entry and exit records, go to your local Foreign Affairs Police Deptartment to apply for a Taiwan CCRD, etc., etc.

I don’t suggest anybody apply for a police clearance letter from NY State. I received mine
but TECRO NY wouldn’t authenticate it since NY State Police didn’t put a “stamp and a signiture” on it. I called the NY State Police and they said that they don’t put stamps and signitures on it as that isn’t their policy.

As for AIT, I never have seen such as useless organization. If you don’t have the fingerprint
cards they won’t take your prints (even though they have cards there). They won’t authenticate the Police Clearance letter either. The best they say they can do is to take a sworn affadavit that you say it is a real Police Clearance letter.

I had my report done in Guam…and then the idiots at the Taiwan representative office there LOST it!

But they will charge you for it…and yes, AIT’s “American Citizens Services”. They certainly will service you!

(In regard to US citizens … ) Does anyone have full details on getting a CCRD from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation?

I have heard that they have a procedure for issuing such documents.

I just recieved my ccrd from the FBI today. The procedure is rather simple. You get a FBI fingerprint card from AIT and take it to the foreign affairs office where they will take your prints (at least in Koahsiung). You then send your print card with a cover letter saying why you want the check done and a certified check for $18 US and wait. You may also pay by credit card. I learned this because I sent a personal check and six weeks later my print card and check were returned to me. Oh the wasted time!They also ask you to print on the outside of the envelope when you need this done by, and you must also include the reason you need your ccrd by such and such a date in the cover letter. The second time around I gave them a month and it was returned to me in two weeks. If anyone wants any of the forms they sent me when I did iot the wrong way just pm me and I’ll send them to you.

I went to my hometown police station in California. They did a background check on my place of residence at the time, plus my previous place of residence (in Kentucky). They printed out a “statement of good conduct” (cost: $10), which I got stamped by the TECO in San Francisco (cost: another $10). The authorities here in Taiwan accepted it.