[CCRD] Waiting for the RCMP


This post will be of interest to those Canadians who are currently waiting for the RCMP to send them a Certified Criminal Record Check telling them that they are indeed not criminals.

I send my CCRD request end of last October and I am still waiting. I emailed the cops and they didn’t bother to get back to me and then I phoned them and didn’t get to speak to a human being - just a recording.

The recording said that there is currently a wait of at least 150 days. So if you’re waiting and you haven’t heard anything, it’s because the cops are hip deep in paper.


Dayem! :astonished: I’m glad I got mine sorted out a year ago - it only took them the six weeks they said it would take.

Yeah, it was terrible. I just got mine back today - I applied in August. They are overwhelmed as they have to process criminal record checks for every single permanant resident in Canada for the new ID cards. This may explain the wait - it doesn’t excuse the fact that they don’t check their e-mail and their voice mail box is continually full, making it impossible to contact them.

I feel like sending them the bill for my visa run…

Same Same. But now you got it. Thank you!!