CDN$12,000 fine for doing 263km on a motorcycle

OUCH! Selling your bike to pay for the ticket’s gotta hurt.

[quote=“Canadian Press”]Man fined $12,000 for speedy two-wheeled ride on Alberta highway


EDSON, Alta. - An Alberta man has been fined $12,000 for roaring down a highway on his motorcycle at more than twice the speed limit.

RCMP say the huge penalty was handed down this week to a 34-year-old man from Hinton, Alta.

They say on May 1, the speeder was clocked at 263 kilometres per hour on the Yellowhead Highway between Hinton and Edson in western Alberta.

The speed limit there is 110 km/h.

It’s the second steep fine to be handed out in the past three months for speeding on that stretch of highway.

In June, traffic court in Hinton ordered a man from Prince George, B.C., to pay $8,500 for going 206 km/h. [/quote]

he chose the high fine to keep his license …

I doubt he could sell the bike to finance the fine; it would be impounded and his license revoked on the spot. At least this is what apparently happened to a friend of a friend who was caught doing some insane speed on a bike outside Hamilton.

They have billboards on the 401 now detailing how speading fines can reach up to CND$15,000. It’s not like they haven’t made people aware.

you have to pick your roads more carefully to get away with that kind of speed (fun though it may be).

i haven’t been caught, but i’ve avoided the freeways. that’s just asking for trouble, unless you’re in Germany.

apart from that, the track is the place for that, but it’s not the same because you go around in circles, while the ever changing scenery makes the road ride better: there’s far more variety in corners (and other hazards, like the mobile chicanes known as tintops).

There is a highway, and not one in the best shape as I remember, that goes north out of Toronto up to the ‘Lakes’ area.

I used to be routinely passed by all manner of vehicles, cars, trucks, motorcycles, while driving that road at 80-85 mph.

It was kinda funny.