Cedilla, umlaut, etc

How does one insert a cedilla or an umlaut or any foreign speech marks for that matter into English text?

It depends on your keyboard. I don’t have accents or the cedilla(cedille)on my keyboard. :s Your keyboard has to support the language you need to type.

Good luck with that.


Buy a german keyboard :smiley: :smiley:

German keyboard won’t give you this little fella: [b]

You can set your keyboard so you can type French, German, Spanish or what ever you want.

It works with my computer:

[quote=“mesheel”]You can set your keyboard so you can type French, German, Spanish or what ever you want.

It works with my computer:

I use the ALT codes and a free software called AutoHotKey to assign them to more simple key combinations (for example, insted of tpying ALT+0231 to get the "

I bought my computer in Taiwan, have a Taiwanese keyboard and XP with SP2 on it. On the bottom right corner you most probably see the characters EN or CH. Left click on them and go to “Settings”. The window where you can set your keyboard to other languages will pop up then…
Or go to your control panel, there you should be able to change the settings as well, I just can’t remember how… :unamused:


Because I would feel very uncomfortable that way.

You’re the best!

Bin ich nicht.

Auch nicht :-p

I have masterd the copy, cut and paste functions, but there is still a problem. When I copy a list for instance, there must be a formula that I am copying at the same time because when I add a new word within that list, the new word/spacing are affected by the way the original was formatted. So, how can I copy text without copying other formulas?

Where are you copying from and where are you pasting to? If it’s from Word, then before you copy, try selecting everything, and then choosing “clear formatting” in the field just to the left of where it says what font you’re using.

Alternatively, and this is what I use a lot, paste everything into Notepad, then copy it out of Notepad and into your “other” software. It will have been completely stripped of any formatting whatsoever.

How can one arrange a list alphabetically in notepad?

I don’t think you can. Get yourself a proper text editor.

The best way is to use the “US International” keyboard in the “Regional Settings” of Windows. With this configuration, keys such as , and " are used to input those characters: for "

Thanks for the tip georges.