Celeberities and their *umm* other life

So I’m bored during the CNY, and looking for things on the website to look at and stumbled upon Colin Farell’s umm ‘fun’ tape.

He’s got the equipment and ‘seems’ to do the job. But this is what I was thinking. Why is it that most celebrities do sex tapes, but we never get to see tapes of them hittin’ a doobie or the bottle while telling good juice gossip secrets of other stars?

Any thoughts?

Never seen Madona’s Truth or Dare?

Depends on what their images are selling. Ever seen a video of Cheech or Chong doing the nasty? No; they’re not selling sex appeal. Ever seen a video of them tokin’? :wink:

That’s my theory.

I saw truth or dare. Don’t recall any good gossip or nasty talk about other stars. Cheech and Chong were movies for public consumption(no pun intended, too bad :laughing: )

I’m talking about home videos. Like one I would love to see, is about Oprah’s best friend sitting around with Stedman talking about how the “Queen” really is behind closed doors.