Celebrate Canada Day at Taipei Hakka Park!

Come celebrate the 146th Canada Day on Saturday, June 29 from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Taipei Hakka Culture Park with a free outdoor event showcasing Canadian arts, music, sports, food & drink. Prizes include round-trip tickets to Canada, coupons for Hotel Palais de Chine’s Canadian lobsterfest, and much more!

Entertainment by American Muffin, Aurora-Jiguang, The Ever So Friendlies, Beaver Syrup and Matzka.

Games for the whole family and FIREWORKS!

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歡迎您一起來慶祝加拿大146歲生日,現場有加拿大藝術、美食、飲品、商品及小朋友最愛的充氣城堡、臉部彩繪、 Hockey冰球體驗及煙火秀!,還有加拿大牛肉試吃、加拿大來回機票、君品酒店-加拿大龍蝦雙人套餐、模型飛機 / 汽車、現金折價卷等豐富獎品等您來試試手氣! 不間斷的加拿大樂團American Muffin、Aurora-Jiguang、The Ever So Friendlies及 Beaver Syrup輪番上陣;還有金曲獎最佳樂團得主 - 馬斯卡 Matzka 原始、狂野的演出搖滾您的音樂魂!

So, no pitchforks and torches this time, eh? Good to know.

What, no crazy fun on the beach this year followed by free entry to Luxy?

Did someone say maple syrup t-shirt contest? :ponder:

[quote=“maoman”]Entertainment by American Muffin, Aurora-Jiguang, The Ever So Friendlies, Beaver Syrup and Matzka.

I will be there… I’m the guitarist for Beaver Syrup. :lick: …a Canadian band with a token american

Please explain.

My first Canada Day outside of Canada - I’m in!

On another note, is there anywhere (in Taipei) I can get my hands on some maple leaf stickers and/or maple candies? I’m teaching on July 1st and want to share the festivities with my students. Or, any other ideas??

Thanks, and see you next weekend!

Explaining lame jokes just makes them worse :s

As for maple candies, good luck. That’s one thing I brought with me to give to some Canadians friends who asked for them. Oddly I had never before seen the things… which is, I suppose, what happens when you grow up in a global city.

Hi Britt, if you can, bring your students with you next Saturday. There will be lots of kid stuff for them to do, bouncy castles, face-painting, contests, etc. And I think they’re planning on giving out stick-on “Canada” tattoos there as well. We have some excellent bands this year, including Matzka! If you haven’t heard of them before, think Aboriginal Reggae…

If you’d like to be notified of more Canada-oriented activities, please feel free to join our Facebook group here. :canada:

Yeah, I thought maple candies would be a long shot :idunno: . I only ever saw them in touristy areas, or being given away around Canada Day.
I’m lucky enough not to teach on weekends :discodance: so I won’t be bringing the students with me. I will write a little note in their communication books though, maybe their parents will be interested.

It sounds like a lot of fun! I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the bands too. See you all next weekend! :canada:

Bumpity bump.

Typical day in Canada

before you get homesick:

Happy Canada Day

Here’s the Event Schedule for tomorrow:

American Muffin will be playing at 1:10,

Aurora will be playing at 2:30,

The Ever So Friendlies will be playing at 3:50,

Beaver Syrup will be playing at 5:10,

National Anthem and Cake from 6:40 until 7:00,

Matzka will be performing at 7:30,

Fireworks are at 8:58 (The event finishes at 9:00)

It’s going to be a great day! :slight_smile: :canada:

Today’s the day!

The weather is perfect, the beers are chilling, and the bands are going to rock!

Bring your friends, bring your family, or just bring yourself, and join us for a great day of fun!

Sincerely hope you chaps have a fine one.
I shall not attend, nor would I ever. Too many Canuckleheads in one place gives me the Fear & Loathing, most especially the expat variety.
And to think I served for that cuntry, and even took fire.
Smeghead that I be.
“Whet fer, me daddy-o? There’s whiskey in the jiro…”
But hey, that’s just my own bias. At least I am aware of it, and further still, admit it.

Have a great day, and remember these: Vimy, Passchendaele, Dieppe, Ortuna, Juno Beach, Caen, Kapyong, Medak, and Panjwaii. I must have missed a few, but those chaps gave it all, so we could still Keep on Rocking in The Free World.

end of rant.
Rock On!

Hope to see you one day, Back In The World.

To be honest, there were more non Canadians than Canadians. Me and my friends had a great time.

Nice fireworks. Too bad about the music.

I wish every Saturday was Canada Day. I’ve never had so much maple syrup.

Never got to try the poutine… the line :astonished: :astonished: