Cell Phone $15,000 in your pocket

Man, I really want this new android phone. Now, I’m stuck $3-5K phones that either have a front facing cam but can’t use skype or can use skype but no front facing cam.
I’d buy one but this just happened to some poor soul on Kaohsiung Living’s BBS

sorry to say my phone is damaged…please if you have a old phone i can buy or use until i can afford it, please let me know…thanks. .i ask for one with internet because i have a contract for net, i have to pay…im sure a plan can be made for me paying asap…

My greatest fear… How can you justify carrying 15,000NT for an HTC in your pocket when you have to take motorcycles, could get stuck in a downpour at anytime, work with kids or have little monsters of your own or even, if you are like me, sweat like a pig during the day and have to peel your money, receipts, car keys and even your rugged but cheap cell phone out of your pockets. All the stuff in the pockets coagulating into one stuck together mess.

What do you do to protect your phone against these? Are you trusting to fate?

I have a bag. Each thing is kept separate. No kids allowed inside it. Ever. Not even the wife!

Thank you for asking.

I cannot justify it.

I do not even pay for phones. I let people give them to me for free. If they didn’t, I would return to semafore and smoke signals.

Yeah, I like that thing, too, but I can’t justify it so I don’t own it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S II which is a pricey phone. If I wear a jacket, I’ll keep it in my inner jacket pocket where it feels a little more secure. But otherwise I carry it around in my pants pocket. I added a screen protector but that’s it. Was thinking about a bumper case, but haven’t gone for it yet.

An interesting thing about having a pricey phone is that I get paranoid about it. I am constantly checking to make sure I know where it is at all times, that it hasn’t gotten dropped, etc. I do get worried when it rains – if it’s between me and my phone, I will protect the phone!

Also if you get the phone on contract then the cost (some of it anyway) is spread out over 2 years. So it is not quite the same thing as losing $15,000 all at once.

There was a study released a while ago that said most people who owned an iPhone in Taiwan -locals- had an average salary of 22K… which means they put a month’s salary in their pockets by buying that thing. :loco:

I am accident prone when it comes to cell phones, which is why I decided not to get the expensive one. I mean, it woukld be nice, but the possibilities for mischief are endless. I can live without the latest gadget, I can do something else with that money.

I always find it amazing that there are so many young-looking people with iPhones despite the low salaries. But I know a lot of them live with their parents or pay some minimal rent to a distant relative. One month of my rent is more than $15,000. I think many Taiwanese would find my rent to be very wasteful, much more so than their phones.

Left front pocket: phones
Right front pocket: thin wallet & keys
Right back pocket: receipts
(occasionally) Left back pocket or coat inside pocket: external battery pack for phones

Works ok for me to keeping things separate.

phones as in many of them? Got the details but you forgot to attach a photoshoot so we know who to mug :smiley: