Cell phone contracts & Foreigners: Sorry, I have to vent


Yep, most companies have those small outlets in every corner. And you can easily find as well as those independent retailer places that sell all companies, honor all contracts, have most models at great prices… and can’t take us foreigners -most of them.

OTOH, Chunghwa made a massive marketing effort recently and opened a myriad of mini offices staffed by less than 10 people, which then placed all over the city - I guess competition was getting intense. In the past, I had to take time off or go on Saturday mornings to the only office in Xindian. Lo and behold, now we have one a couple of blocks away, opened while I didn’t notice, so small. There is the medium sized one in Gongguan, and a lot of smaller Chunghwa outlets along the way. Easy to get your stuff done, and they can serve foreign customers.

OTOH, the Xinyi branch -main one- is as helpful as always. Who was the one who said it seems as if an atoga had deflowered the bosses daughter, for they treat you there with the most suspiciousness?


Philippines, can buy everywhere with no ID, picked up a SIM at local shop in about 6 minutes installed.
Dubai, about 15 minutes, most places want to see passport.
Thailand, can buy everywhere, with no ID.

Taiwan, dark ages… unfriendly for tourists.


Regarding my experience at Dageda…I always try to begin things with my low-intermediate level Chinese and then see where it goes from there. The smiling clerk responded in English. Since she seemed so much friendlier and willing to work with me than the guy at FarEastone, I switched to speaking English, figuring that stroking her English-ability ego would help my case even more. After her initial response, however, she then switched to speaking mostly in Chinese, and I continued speaking mostly in English. Anyway, at this branch, with this particular clerk, language didn’t seem to be an issue, and they were happy to have my business.

Spin of the wheel, as Icon said.


I have been told the same thing by a local Chunghwa shop. I then went a few stores down and they apparently hadn’t heard of this policy.

Hourly-wage clerks set a lot of corporate policies for telecoms on issues like this.


Me, APRC holder wants to sign contract with T-Star. They refuse, insisting for a guranteeing TW national.
I even offerered them to pay 24x599NT$ (monthly payment) in advance.
But no, it is company-rule !! Is there anyway to work around this ??
I already asked some of my friends, and they refuse to help. For them it is a matter of princip, which
I totally understand and accept.

Is it really true, that APRC holders do have the same rights as another user has posted in this thread ?


One location of Tstar in Kaohsiung told me that I could not apply at all as a foreigner, I needed to get a local to put it completely in their name, not just guarantee me. I refused and walked out.

The next Tstar location’s agent spent about 30 minutes with me showing me phones, but never once said I couldn’t get it in my name, but I haven’t yet decided on which phone to get, so perhaps when I go back they will demand it then.

Usually I just call the head office and go up the chain if they are being unreasonable, but Tstar being such a small company, it might not work. If I don’t get satisfaction from a head office manager, I just figure its their loss and find a different company to deal with unfortunately. They likely couldn’t care less about foreigners since they figure we are such a small part of their overall business, seeing the foreign laborers are all using prepaid anyway and dont apply for contracts here.


well, normally I give a shit to such companies, but their 599 NT$ deal is very sweet and apparantly
we are running out of time as this offer finally ends by the end of this month.

Unrelated whether I will be their customer, I do wonder, would it be worth to sue that company,
just showing them we foreigners are fighting for our rights ?
Regarding the ARC numbers Eiger-law seem to succedded the taiwan authority, companies like
ruten/yahoo and their internet-autions …


The $599 deal is sweet and I think if they get bought out by an incumbent, I bet the service will improve greatly and they will still have to give the deal as you will be on contract. Do they give you any deal for the phone itself or do you need to by it outright?

There are a few companies that I would like to sue here to get the ball rolling on anti discrimination laws, but then I get lazy and drop it :slight_smile:

Just go into another store first, don’t mention anything about their rules and see if the next store says anything. If they also refuse, then you should start by sending an email or making a call to their head office and try to get a manager to talk with you.


What’s the 599$ deal from T-Star? I’ve not heard about it, but it’s much cheaper than what I pay with FarEastone!
Any info on that?


4G unlimited data
The speed not as fast as the big competitors, but better than 3G (between 5 - max 15)
free intranet calling (ok useless)
30 min free to other networks
Landlines are extra (02,07…)

Have pretty neat deals with the new ASUS Zenphones2

Offer ends this month !!
Company will be sold to either CHT or FET and there is hope, that in the long term
their bandwith and speed will be much faster …

Ah, and if you care:
This company belong to the Wei family, who are involved in last years’ food scandal
(another reason for selling, as apparently they need “cash”)


599 unlimited data? that’s really good indeed o.O


Guys, please remember this company is owned by the same folk who brought you the “special” recycled cooking oil. I would say take their offers with a ton of salt if it wasn’t that I wouldn’t approach them with a 10 mile pole. That is why they are making -well, forced to make- such a tempting offer.

What’s oil gotta do with cellphones, you say? Bad karma. Icon is superstitious, very much indeed.


I am wit Chunghwa - some unlimited data plan, however my cell phone bill is high. I was with FarEasTOne first, however in 2013 the missus told me that we should be on the same net. i then got a plan where I prepaid I forgot how much, it was in 2013 and I wanted a S4. A little balking at first, however when I told them that I had been the user of the cell no since 2000 and had it registered under my name since 2008, they gave it to me.

In Taiwan, it’s about persistence and talking to the right people. Then a lot of things will happen.


finally … being their “customer” …

But T-Star rules are just ridicolous.
They need a guaranteer - ok, sucked that up, but WTF
do they also insist on my open-work-permit ?


So the rule is no foreigners and you pushed back and they accepted you with guarantor? and an APRC as well?

One store told me i had to put it in a Taiwanese persons name.

Either way I won’t do business with companies who demand deposits, guarantors, or refuse foreigners.


I have no guarantor for anything, never had. They wanted me to pay in some money before I got the S4, however that they took out of the phone bill later, I burn through NT$3-4k per month, so that went fast. They have not asked me for anything yet, I think I got myself a good plan.

It all depends, the balking happened in the CHT office and only lasted 30 seconds, IE the person saying OK sat in the very office, looked over things from a desk in behind and nodded, and that was it.

Wonder if I can talk them out of the prepaying when I in a good month want myself a S6.


They have a discount range so I think they just gave me the discount to cover the guarantee fee, because the amounts matched (after I complained about it)

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For years, it seems that you guys are reinventing the wheel. Why not once you get a decent deal through a sales agent, you share his or her name. Yes, you probably will have to make calls to the top to get the deal you deserve, go back to that agent and use him or her and send all your friends there. Don’t these guys get commission on plans they sign up? We need to cultivate experts to help us.

I love the added benefit of reminding them of thier doofy behavior when they first met the foreign monster every six months or so…


National telecommunication commission changed the Rules again and now they allow foreigners to show a passport and ARC instead of a passport and another form of local ID.
I swear they do this shit on purpose.