Cell phone - family plan?

Sorry if this has been answered but I didn’t see it in the FAQ. Is there any such thing as a “Family Plan”? By that, I mean, if your family requires 3 cell phones, is there a plan where you have 3 phones that share a pool of airtime? Or does everyone just get a separate contract?

In the US, Verizon, for example, has family plans where you can add a handset for $10/mo.


Good question…probably should add it to the FAQ.

The short answer is no. There are, however, a number of plans and feature packs that mimic American family plans here in Taiwan.

  1. Vibo Telecom (www.vibo.com.tw) has a couple of plans where you can make unlimited in-network mobile-to-mobile calls at no additional charge. Same with Asia Pacific Telecom (A+).

  2. Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) has a couple of feature packs, one of which available for all subscribers is called “F2”. This is similar to T-Mobile’s Fave5, only unlike T-Mobile, you don’t get free unlimited calls but instead a much reduced rate per second (NT$ .03/sec for mobile numbers in the group and NT$ .06/sec for landlines) and you are allowed to include landlines operated by CHT as part of your group. There’s a small NT$50 fee a month for this service and a one-time setup fee of NT$20 per number you include in your group. All numbers included in your group can call each other at the discounted rates too.

  3. FarEastTone and Taiwan Mobile have enterprise plans similar to CHT’s F2, only that you have to be affiliated with those enterprises to get in.

  4. Taiwan Mobile and CHT both have plans that give you an additional prepaid account attached to your primary account that you can give to a friend or family member. With this, you can choose to bill all prepaid refills used by that number as part of your service bill and set an upper limit on how much the person is allowed to make calls. However, the prepaid account charges all calls at the same rate as an ordinary prepaid account. They call it “HoHo” card I think over at CHT.