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So GT has been taken over by FET. As my old GT contract had recently expired it was time to set up an FET contract, get my new free phone and change over to FET. FET requested an NT $ 2,400 deposit. I asked if I had given one 3 years ago to GT so the FET assistant called GT to ask. After providing all my info, GT claimed “No, I had not given a deposit.” Hmmmm.
At home I located my 3-year old contract and sure enuf I had given an NT $ 2,400 depo. So back I went to FET where the assistant called GT again to make my claim. It was a long phone call with GT initally claiming that there was no depo to return, but with all the info I had from my GT receipt they finally relented, took my banking # info and said I would receive a refund on my depo. Anyone else experience this? If so, how long did it take to get your depo refunded? Thanks

Coming up to this soon also.
Noticed some other threads suggesting a deposit request (because foreigners) is discrimination nowadays…

The deposit for a foreigner makes sense to me. Would be very easy to run up a big bill and leave Taiwan if one knew they wouldn’t ever be returning. Please let me know if GT claims you didn’t give them a deposit years back when you set up your contract. Did you leave an NT$ 2,400 depo?

Deposits don’t make sense because they unfairly punish a group of legal immigrants because of the behavior of a few by discrimination against the entire group. I’ve never paid a deposit once, when they asked I kicked up holy hell until they relented. I have no deposit with my current FET account

But I digress

Generally deposits are back within the month when the carrier does it’s regular banking batch transactions.

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Taiwan Mobile doesn’t do deposits for foreigners.

As far as I am concerned. The others are dead to me.


Why not give them an option? The option being… Turn off international and out of allowance calls or have an APRC? (Who makes international calls nowadays?)

In Australia, cell phone companies have other ways to mitigate risks. One is that domestic calls are unlimited (even on the cheapest of plans) and international calls require packages.

Also many now have month to month contracts which the companies say are “post paid” but you are actually paid up one month in advanced. (Further reducing risk)

But you need to understand why phone companies started asking for deposits… Many low quality foreigners back in the day before VOIP racking up big phone bills and then leaving.

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