Cellphone questions!

Hi all! I’m moving to the island in october and currently have a gen 1 iphone. I’m wondering if i can just get a new sim card in taiwan or if i’d be better off not using my phone or getting skype or something?

Thanks for your input!


It should work just fine here, as long as you get it unlocked, as you can’t just pop a new sim card into it.

thanks for your help with my other posts my Swedish friend! so, i buy a simcard there from a local provider, then plop it into my phone? must i sign some contract or something?

You can get a pre-paid sim quite easily here if you don’t want to sign up for a contract and I’m sure there are places here that can unlock the phone on the cheap for you unless you’ve already had it done. There should also be some software that you can download for free that does the job, unless that has changed.

Wait… my fiancee mentioned that it’s more strict now as you have to register your ID or something in order to sign up for any cell phone service. Or did I misunderstand my fiancee? I remembered back in 2001 I was able to simply go to any 7/11 store, plop in a prepaid sim card in my unlocked cell phone and i’m all set.

that sounds like a sweet deal, i hope it is still as it was!

Yes, you need a photo ID, but it’s still hardly a hassle and you can still get a SIM card in 7-11.