Censored in China: ‘Today,’ ‘Tonight’ and ‘Big Yellow Duck’

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I wonder if a demonstration of any kind will happen?

Expect something next year on the 25th anniversary. Probably nothing going to happen “today” or “tonight,” you silly “big yellow duck.”

:frowning: oh…

I am pretty sure “Huge Black Cock” is being censored too.

Wow. Never seen this one before:

I have only seen the tanks in front, which is scary enough. When you see the enormity of the task… wow.

What has always fascinated me about this guy is that he looks like he just came back from the grocery store. As if he was going about his business and saw what was going on and went “There is no way this shit is happening on my watch. Hope the wife can wait a little more for these eggs”. FREAKING EPIC. :bravo: :notworthy: :bravo:

Recently a photo taken from another, worse angle has been released. It shows other people crapping their pants and running like hell away from the tanks column, like any sane person would have done. Not the grocery bags guy. Heaven and Earth are not big enough to accommodate his enormous, golden balls. :notworthy:

Seems to me that history is largely a montage of the occasional guy with balls of chromium-plated steel facing off against other guys with big phallic guns and tiny, tiny willies.

Half the time, it’s women standing where that guy is standing. What’s the female equivalent of balls of steel?

TPTB still haven’t recognised this shameful episode for what it was and apologised for it. 5000 years of civilisation my ass.

Agreed, there ought to be a proper term for that.

Ovaries of steel.