Central hospital database for emergencies?

Is there a central hospital database whereas if you cannot contact someone when they were last seen driving a couple of days ago to call and check if they were admitted… Or do you have to call each individual hospital on the route ? For example call one number “Do you have an admissions for xyz person”

I think confidentiality laws prevent us from being able to obtain this kind of information.

Even if they are a relative ?
So I guess missing persons report then the police check …

I am pretty sure next of kin has access to this sort of sensitive information.

Next of Kin you mean husband, wife, brother etc?

Perhaps a call to Foreign Affairs Police , to express concern , may result in them being able to check for you ?


Ok maybe I’ll do that, is the British trade office any use for this ? She’s epileptic

I would start with the police first as @shiadoa recommends and then escalate it later depending on the results.

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Yes. Children, too.

if the person has a NHI card, the info may be recorded and tracable.

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Yes, thanks, found。 I went to the last known location went to the local police station, explained what happened, proved my identity and they found her. She had an epilepsy attack. Luckily she didn’t hurt herself apart from superficial grazing and some more serious grazing around the knees.


When you book into a hospital they ask what level of privacy you want, e.g. only family will be told if you’re there, no one except named people etc. No idea what happens if you are not able to communicate.

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If it’s family then have them registered for the NHI system that lets you view your medical records online. You could easily log in and see if they have been admitted as long as they used their insurance card.


That is a,very good idea. I’ll get working on that. Thanks. Probably a good idea for all residents with family or dependents here.

Yeah, we are having a similar situation with an aging family member. Registration was easy and didn’t require that much info.

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