Central Taiwan Loop

I am planning to do the following loop in the three days Sat/Sun/Mon this weekend, by car and with my wife. We have three days (took Monday off).

Hsinchu - Taichung - Puli - New Central Cross - Taroko - Suao - Northern Cross - 60 - Neiwan - Hsinchu

Any typhoon damage in that loop? (I cannot read the webpages in Chinese …)
Alternative, maybe even better routes?
Where to stay for the night? (I’m planning Tienhsiang for one night.)
Hints on where to stop and go for a hike?
And which places to avoid?
Hotsprings: Wenshan and/or 新興(嘎拉賀)溫泉 (recommended to me by a Taiwanese friend)?

Also: Anybody want to join?


Wenshan is closed and somewhat dangerous. 嘎拉賀 is highly recommended on weekends.