Central Taiwan VELO biking site. Anybody know?

There used to be a website called:


Apparently, the website had lots of information about mountain biking around Taichung.

Apparently, it had maps and GPS coordinates and photos and nav points.

The site is gone.

Does anyone remember this site or perhaps have a link to a similar website that provides this kind of information.

I’m thinking that even though the site might be down, someone might know someone who used to be affiliated with the site and who might still have the information somewhere.

Thanks in advance for any information.

No idea, but have you tried putting that URL into wayback machine?


Unfortunately I can’t visit wayback machine from work to test it out.

Good suggestion stu.

This thread reminds me of something I was thinking while out riding the other day. There ought to be a sticky thread in the Sports forum of various bike rides, routes and maps around Taiwan. I believe there have been several great links and discussion of rides in various different threads, but it might be helpful if they were consolidated into one sticky thread.

This article lists other biking blogs.
taiwanfun.com/central/taichu … 06Ride.htm