Centrino verses p P4

Still looking to buy a laptop for video editing. What’s better centrino or P4, as the prices are quite comparitive. In laymans terms what are the advantages or disavantages of Centrino over P4.

I thought Centrino was designed specifically for wireless applications and laptops. It is also designed to conserve power so the battery will last longer.

correct, Centrino is really a marketing thing. Centrino is bascially a energy-conserving chipset that must be followed exactly in order to get Intel’s approval for the label. At the heart of the marketing blitz is the wireless 802.11 Wi-Fi thing. However, beyond a little longer battery life in the laptop in question, there is very little more to the “Centrino” hype.

I spoke to some Intel guys at Oracleworld and this is how they explain Centrino. Centrino is just a PCI card that plugs into the laptop like the way they add a modem into a laptop. It saves a pcmcia slot and better for power management. One thing I did press them about was the rf reception. They said that older laptops were designed with the antenna in the base which give a poor rf. Newer models tend to have the antenna on both sides of the lcd screen like a base station and give better rf.
BTW Intel is having a unwired day on Sept. 25. You will have access to wireless spots for free with participating sites.


Video editing on laptops…

Ever consider a Mac? They practically pioneered this market with the PowerBook line of laptops. They truely can be desktop replacements in power and might if one wishes it to be.