Century21 versus landlord versus me-help!

Hi all,
I am looking for some advice based on the following situation:

*moved into my rental apartment in June
*CENTURY 21 contacted my school in Feb (without telling me and without permission to contact my school, as I completed the contract independently) to advise me that the landlord wanted me to move out as selling the house.
*Got this information last week (MARCH)
*Went to agent to find out what was happening and she told me she will let me stay till June as long as I let people view the apartment, I refused due to the times they wanted to view.
*Agent and landlord advised that they may not enter the property for which I am in contract as tenant
*3/23 at 0836, I am coming out of the shower to be greeted to 4 people being shown around my apartment.

What are my rights?

Any advice would be very welcome as the agent is making things difficult and landlord refuses to talk as she is to busy and the agent is dealing with the apartment.


please email me if you can trolleyboy79@hotmail.com or post info here…much obliged.


This is an easy one…
Go to the police and make a record statement that this is happening and you refuse permission. State a time, once a week, when visits are permissable. It’s important to show flexibility. Get it in writing and be sUre they contact landlord and agent. Do it today.

Next, also today, set up a video camera in you house, using your computer, which willsend photos to a remote location.
Next, wait and sue them for trespass
let us know how you go.

you could also hold them to the contract and refuse all visits, it’s your right… or negotiate free rent as a deal for their visi… Be creative and friendly

Our last apt. was sold while we were still living there and only 4 months into a 1 year rental agreement. I seem to recall that the new owner had to compensate us for the months left on our rental contract. Not sure if this is the law or not, but can’t imagine anyone doing it if it wasn’t. In the end we got 2 months for free.

No, they do not have the right to enter the apartment that you have a contract for. It was definitely uncool – illegal, even – for them to just walk into your place like that. That said, in Taiwan it’s best to be flexible – or at least appear to be.

Are you planning on leaving Taiwan when your housing contract expires in June (when, exactly?)? Or will you remain, just in another apartment?

If you will stay in Taiwan, the best thing to do would probably be look for another place now. Tell the landlord you’d be willing to move out early, in exchange for, say, a month’s rent. (But perhaps settle for 2 weeks instead, since this isn’t really a long time in advance of the expiration of the contract.) But until the time you move out, it would not be “convenient” for anyone to visit – unless you can find a mutually agreeable time.

If you’ll be leaving Taiwan soon you probably could not move out early even if you wanted to. No matter how the landlord might phrase it, he or she isn’t doing you a favor by letting you stay until the end of your contract. It’s your right to be there, unvisited, regardless of whether they contact your school, you, or anyone else. But I wouldn’t count on the cops being especially willing to take your complaint. If you’re in Taipei, a call to 1999 might work better. But in the interest of being harmonious, try to work out a time for people to see the place; and make it clear that visits at other times would not be OK.

Better check your lease to see if it permits vists for this purpose. Othewise follow advice given above.

First off change the lock

Stash the bong
Buy a deadbolt

I would have dropped the towel “accidentally”. I doubt they would have arranged another showing…(no offense)