Ceramic Crock / Water Dispenser

Hey - Any idea where I can find one of those ceramic crock/water dispensers with a single spigot? A 5 gallon water bottle sits on top. I want to get some botted water, but don’t want the electric 3 spigot dispensers that the water companies sell with their water.



The water companies have smaller ones as well and you don’t have to plug them in unless you want to…
This is the company we’re getting water from hwaseng.com.tw/

Good idea - but i still prefer the small ceramic, non-electric kind. I may try to find a ceramic maker/potter(?) to have one made for me. If you know a good one, lease let me know.


I’ve not seen one of these in Taiwan. They may exist but, not that I know of. I understand what you want as I had one in my home in Mexico. I looked around for something similar when I first arrived and couldn’t find it. I did find a plastic jug, about 5 gallons, with a single spigot at the bottom on the narrow side. I had a commercial filtered water dispenser near my home. I would take the jug down and get about 4 gallons for 30NT about once a week. Most water dealers have one near their store but, I guess in a pinch, you could just buy the big, about a gallon, bottle at the market and pour it in. It would be more expensive but workable. Actually, I still have the jug but don’t use it any more because I have a filtering system under my sink. I think I found the jug at a 100NT store but have seen them in other stores. If you want my old one, it’s yours for coming to get it but it was only about 200 NT. Tuchen, Taipei County.

My wife found this online: goods.ruten.com.tw/item/show?11090117873043. It is a pump dispenser that goes right into the water bottle. Very cool - and cheap, too!

I’d still like the water crock, but this will do for now.