Ceramics? throwing clay?

I’m trying to find out where, and if, I can find clay, a kiln, some glazing, and a wheel to throw on in Taipei. Any craft centers, pottery centers, or whatever that I can buy a membership at? Whaddya think?



This thread might interest you:

There’s lots of public and semi-private opportunities in Yingge. Two train stops outside of Taipei. Many shops offer classes. Walking thru the alleys I found an unbelievable number of independent artists (they might not be so independent in that they are only fulfilling work by a contract). I’ve met many potters willing to share if one covers a little more than costs. Business seems like it’s livable there but definetely not what it was or needs to be. In Yingge there’s a lot of empty studios with equipment that seemed really cheap to rent (Full-blown industrial quality stuff too). Also I saw a pick-up and deliver service that is a lot like the old milk service in Europe. You leave your ware out in crates and a guy in a truck comes around to pick it up and bisques it in a huge kiln as a service. I frequently saw a truck running around stacked to the gills with greenwear.

There’s also a potter’s studio near Shida University that has classes and a couple of good artists. But that would be more expensive cause they are right in Taipei. They aren’t public so if needed I’d have to introduce

I would shoot for some of the facilities in Yingge, I was warmly received by many of them. The classes at the museum are rather limited but they do have prominent artists that cme in and teach a workshop frequently. There’s at least two dozen if not more places in Yingge one to try and work out some studio use.

Shui-li has a place called the Snake Kln Amusement park and you should try and attend a potters event there if you can.

I’m a potter and have been in and out of Taiwan on ceramic missions…if you need more info, ask.