On another post, Almas John coined the term “Chabudouization”

Perfect! I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with a term that describes the inevitable decline in quality and service that happens to restaurants in Taiwan.

So, who wants to offer up the first candidate?

What about “Zheyangjiukeyification”? Ok. A bit long. Forget it. :wink:

How about “Aiyabuhuism”, i.e. the belief that nothing bad will result of one’s stupid actions?

You only want examples of restaurants?

Can I talk about the chabuduozation of THSRC? And it’s not even running yet! It has been chabuduoized before take off.

DOn’t forget “buhaoyisi-ism” and its country cousin, “phaise-ism”…which refer, of course, to the deep-seated belief that saying either phrase makes up for any problem that might possibly (but of course not likely, [color=red]aiyabuhui[/color]!) exist.

meiguanxiism or alternatively buyaojinism?