Chain Drugstores Only Have Acetaminophen?

Has anyone noticed that Watson’s and Cosmed only have acetaminophen based products (like Panadol) and nothing with Aspirin or Ibuprofen? I hit up two of each of each these stores and they had a variety of packages and brands, but all only with acetaminophen and nothing else.

The standard pharmacy’s will have it.

They have ibuprofen, I really have no idea what you’re talking about.

Though I usually go to 丁丁, tintin.

Ibuprofen is usually in a pink or purple box in the chain stores, and it’s not always in the same place as acetaminophen. Watson’s at least used to sell aspirin, not sure if they still do.

I’ve found they don’t have aspirin on the shelf, but if you ask, they usually have it behind the counter.

I once went searching at the local Cosmed and Watson’s, looking for aspirin. Neither had it. Yes, I asked.

I then found it at a private pharmacy.

I find this to be truly bizarre.

This infuriated me when I got here (I am prescribed a daily low-dose for heart health.). But my Dr. In Singapore was able to explain why:
If someone has had malaria, they usually have some liver damage that prevents production of adequate vitamin K. Vitamin K is used in blood clotting. Since aspirin acts as a blood thinner, the combination of a liver that has suffered malaria and aspirin could expose people to bleeding, especially internally. Ergo, they limit the availability of aspirin.
Logical, but still annoying. I just stock up whenever I am abroad.