Chain School Decision Makers

Does anyone know who has the power in hiring and deciding salaries in chain schools?

I have been going through the forums and seen posters referring to “managers in central offices” as well as “autonomous school directors.” Does the power hierarchy vary a lot by each chain? Basically, I’m wondering if it’s worth visiting various branches of the same chain to see if I could get different offers. In other words, could a school director give more or less than the standardized chain rate, or be more flexible in scheduling? Or, if one branch won’t hire me, would I be able to run to another and try my luck?

There’d no way we could generalize for all chain schools.

What really varies is the atmosphere. One branch of a chain school might have a great boss, who is flexible and will try to accommodate requests for certain hours; another branch of the same school might be run by a screeching harridan that everyone hates.