Chain splitter tool recommendations?

I’ve just broken what I thought was going to be the best chain tool I’d ever bought on its second use. I’ve been splitting and rejoining chains for 25 years, so no worries about using it wrongly

Anyone got any recommendations for chain tools? ANY sort considered, though I’d prefer to keep it well under a grand (500 would be better), considering how often I’ll use it. Would have to handle a 7-speed and a 9-speed chain (both Shimano).

Plasma, what have you got in store?


If you mean chain breaker tool, you can hardly go wrong with a Park CT-5. They have a lifetime warranty if it means anything in regards to their quality. I’ve had mine for ages, never a problem.

To put in your “wedgie” or otherwise to take on the road, Park makes a great “kit in a Velrco wrap” that include a chain breaker. If you don’t have a wedgie (under saddle small bag), Topeak makes a terrific wedgie with full “road tools” upstairs and expandable compartment downstairs. The road tools kit includes a chainbreaker. Both are kit are strong enough, but light.

If you want a shop tool, get one with a handle the size of a hammer handle. Park has one, but the Brand X copies work just as well. Using wedgie tools in the shop is pretty frustrating.

I think the Park CT-3 is a better tool in the hand. See this thread:

Thanks for the info so far, guys.

I got a Topeak one for about $290 that’s the small kind and it felt like it was going to break both times I used it. The next week I saw a great one, copied off the PArk workshop one but made by Ice Toolz. I was pretty pissed off but I use those Sachs Power Link copies made by KMC on my bike and my wife’s anyway so I only needed to use it twice.

My advice would be go to a shop, buy one of those for each of your bikes and just use their tool to split the chains in the shop to fit them. If you really want a splitter then don’t consider a small portable one, they are shit as brew!

I’ve used power links on all my bikes since they hit the mainstream in about 1995, never had any problems with them and I usually only lube my chain with WD40 after I clean it and then run it dry.