Yep, old fashioned chalk.

THICK pieces would be much better than those skinny, school house ones. Something I can use on pavement without it instantly snapping.



Ikea has boxes of assorted coloured chalk. Skinny though, for chalkboards.

oh yeah, I’d forgotten those. Thanks.
Chubby would work better, though. Probably save my fingers too.

Any stationery store should have some. The local variety look like big white paper-wrapped crayons, except they are chalk.

Ask for 特別粗的粉筆 te4bie2 cu1de fen3bi3.

I know of two companies that have “sidewalk chalk” - ALEX and JOVI. Stores like Read&Play, ELSITE, or baby stores sell these brands.

I have a big block of climbing chalk if that any use? Bar of soap sized, maybe a little bigger. Chubby enough for ya?

I found some chalk in one of the general stores. Not the chubby stuff, but good enough, and only NT $8 for a pack of eight. Thanks all.