Chance of ARC extension to catch flight?

Well. I applied for a vis… ARC extension last friday as my student vis… ARC expires on June 30th and my flight leaves on July 9th.
I got a receipt and was told “return in two weeks and bring the receipt and your ARC-card”.

Now I’m beginning to get a little edgy as 5-6 days feels pretty short for finding and buying a visa run flight to HK over the change of months.

So do anyone know what’s the chances are for me to get the extension?
So far everyone has treated me like there won’t be any problems but do anyone else know anything about this kind of case? Are the Taiwanese Immigration forgiving when it comes to an extra ~10 days when one need to catch ones flight or not?

Yeah… Obviously you can’t say “Student VISA” to the immigration office and have them understand you have an ARC, so I have learned to say “Student ARC” instead =P

They accepted the application…That would seem to say that your chances are good. In my experience, if there is little chance, they will just flat out deny you. Hang tough and good luck. :wink:

Good news. I got my extension!

The weird thing is that I got another year(!) and the reason on the ARC says: “就學”…
So I hope this won’t cause any problems, but it shouldn’t right?

Where do you go to get an extension like this? The regular police office, a special foreigner police station, an immigration office…?

National Immigration Office.
Very nice girl working there who helped me through the whole thing.